Visit to Cogno Control lab

Two students of Neurorobotics Research Group Air University visited Congo Control Lab,South Korea.

The purpose of visiting Busan, South Korea, was to collect data from brain through near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) based brain computer interface (BCI).

· The visit was a step forward of ensuring a strong collaboration between Cogno Control lab, Pusan National University
South Korea and Neuro-robotics Research Group, Air University, Pakistan.
·  Meeting with honourable Prof. Keum-Shik Hong at Pusan National University, South Korea.
· Experiments were performed using state of the art continuous-wave NIRS system 
(DYNOT: Dynamic near-infrared optical tomography NIRx Medical Technologies, Brooklyn, NY) present in Cogno Control lab.
· Experimental paradigms performed were: arithmetic vs rest, finger tapping vs rest,
simple motor imagery vs complex motor imagery, object rotation vs mental arithmetic task, left motor tapping vs right motor tapping (LRFT), visual stimuli vs rest.
· During the stay in Busan, different places were visited Beomeosa TempleHaeundae Beach,TaejongdaeGwangalli BeachJagalchi MarketShinsegae Dept. Store Centum City,and Busan Museum.

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