Engr.Rayyan Azam Khan

PhD Candidate

Former Researcher at Air University Former Lab Engineer at Air University Islamabad Former Mechatronics Engineer at Treet Group Of Companies Former Interne at UET Lahore Former Interne at PEL Studied Neuroscience, Rehabilitation, Bio-robotics, Brain Computer Interface at Air University Studied Robotics at Air University Studied at Govt.Emerson College Multan
I always had a somber desire for attaining personal development and quality education.In line with the ambition , I successfully completed the undergraduate program in 
Mechatronics Engineering in 2014 with good technical concepts.On basis of my sound knowledge and good academic background, Air University has currently engaged me as Research Assistant/Lab.Engr. So I have nearly 2 years’ experience of teaching and research in the field of Mechanical, Electronics and Automation.

Area of Interest

  1. Brain-machine Interface
  2. Pattern Recognition
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Renewable Energy

Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com.pk/citations?user=xsZO8TwAAAAJ&hl=en